When It Comes To Brands On TikTok, These 10 Accounts Will Be The Ones To Watch In 2023

Online video will thrive in the future because of its ability to capture and hold viewers’ interest in a short amount of time. In this way, TikTok has become an international phenomenon.

From luxury labels like Gucci to mom-and-pop Chinese restaurants, you can find them all on the platform. Whether you’re looking for a dance group, a skincare product, or a dentist, you’ll find it on TikTok. Brands of all stripes are flocking to TikTok, and with good reason.
Over a billion people around the world use this fast-paced platform every day. When measured in monthly active users, TikTok is on track to outpace social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Whether your goal is to highlight your product, build a community, create engaging, humorous trends, or any of the aforementioned, you can’t go wrong with trying to interact with your audience. With this site’s assistance, you can broaden your company’s reach in the rapidly expanding digital sphere.

Because of the sheer volume of work involved in managing a large brand’s presence on TikTok, it makes sense to rethink your marketing approach and make use of TikTok management tools to simplify your social media operations.

Interested yet? Think about the impactful content they’re using to make waves and how they do it.

Here’s Why Companies Should Use TikTok

You might be mulling over this question.

‘Why Businesses Need to Be on TikTok’

Brands are flocking to the platform in an effort to expand their customer base, and its popularity has been on the rise for some time. TikTok provides a lot of value to brands, from a large and active user base to tools that make it simple to make engaging videos. You’re missing out on a significant chance to expand your TikTok user base if you aren’t already incorporating the platform into your marketing efforts.
The following is a brief explanation of why businesses should use TikTok.

1. Increases brand recognition

Your company’s reputation, contrary to popular belief, can be improved by using TikTok. Many brands now use it as their primary method of spreading their message to consumers. You can increase your brand’s visibility on TikTok by making use of its many branding tools, such as branded effects, challenges, and even augmented reality filters.

For instance, dance challenges are consistently popular on TikTok, and the platform’s advertisers understand why. For their new #KFCMakeItLegendery campaign, KFC Germany developed a number of unique augmented reality filters. Split-screen effect is used by TikTok users to demonstrate their dancing abilities.

2. Famous Users of the File Sharing App TikTok

The more popular TikTok becomes, the more it affects mainstream culture. TikTok’s massive and varied influencer community is one of its most interesting features. All sorts of subcultures are represented among these TikTok stars, from the fashion and beauty industries to the food and travel industries and beyond.
Some TikTokers have become extremely popular because of the videos they’ve posted of themselves lip-syncing or dancing; others have become popular because of the advice they’ve given. Today, brands are increasingly using TikTok influencers to spread the word about their wares, and when we think of influencers, Khaby Lame is the first name that comes to mind.

3. Raises the profile of the brand

TikTok is ideal for brands looking to expand their reach and engagement thanks to its fast-paced videos and unique effects. How brands are making waves on TikTok:

  • Utilizing the duet function on TikTok to collaborate with other influencers and brands.
  • interactive and imaginative narrative content.
  • Using hashtags, you can get your message out to more people.
  • TikTok’s advertisements are a prime example.

4. Extensive Participation

Because users spend an average of 30 minutes per day on TikTok, it’s an ideal platform for brands to distribute their content to a sizable audience. TikTok’s success stems from the fact that the app is incredibly fun to use and provides a constant stream of entertaining and thought-provoking videos. The site is an excellent medium for interacting with current clients and drawing in new ones.

Nike, Scotts, and Chipotle are just a few of the big brands on TikTok that have used branded challenges and hashtags to get their content seen by millions.

You’re Getting Ready to Dominate TikTok, Right?

No matter how big or small your brand is, I think you’ll find this app to be a lot of fun to use. TikTok is a great place for users to experiment with their identities and their brands while having a great time doing so.

Seeing as how millennials aren’t responsible for the platform’s current growth, reaching out to the generation that follows them, Gen Z, is a natural choice. I think you should try TikTok if you’re looking for a fresh approach to communicating with your clientele.