New Strategies For Expanding Your Instagram Audience In The Year 2023

Instagram quickly outgrew its initial reputation as a lighthearted app for kids, maturing into a powerful platform for businesses, influencers, and their audiences to share and promote content. With over 200 million active monthly users sharing 60 million images and 1.6 billion likes per day, it is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world.

1. You should first promote your exclusive hashtag everywhere else.

It’s great that you’ve established the #joesgarage hashtag for your business, but who exactly is going to use it to spread the word? Put it on your profile for easy access, but also consider printing it on your receipts, in print ads, on store signage, and at events where it would be appropriate.

Encourage people to use your hashtag whenever you’re on the air. Include it in your email newsletters, website, and other online and offline marketing materials to ensure maximum exposure. Do not assume that people will simply stumble upon it.

2. Find unique ways to use hashtags.

For more creative Instagram caption ideas, think outside the one-word obvious hashtags. Of course you should include those as well, but don’t be afraid to sprinkle in some hashtags to help tell your story. Use humour, irony, or outlandishness; just don’t be boring. Collaborative office space provider WeWork does a fantastic job of this, and they also incorporate a variety of entertaining Instagram posts.

3. Take part in wildly popular discussions.

Use both trending and extremely popular hashtags in your posts. For example, a carpentry business could use the hashtag #woodworking.

Unlike the universally trending hashtags like #instagood, #tbt, #photooftheday, or plain old #fun, the more specific hashtags show more intent and help you find the right people, much like long-tail keywords. To succeed in a social media environment as competitive and crowded as Instagram, you’ll need both.

4. Utilise your bio link effectively.

The most prominent spot on your Instagram pageā€¦ Do you want your bio to always redirect to the same page on your site? Yawn. Make sure to update it at least once every two weeks and use the link in your bio to direct people to your most recent or most popular posts.

5. Give your captions more detail.

An image may be worth a thousand words, but words are still necessary. When combined with their stunning Instagram photos, National Geographic’s captivating narratives never fail to inspire their audience to interact with and spread the brand’s content. NatGeo has over 50 million followers on Instagram, making it one of the most popular brands despite the widespread decline of traditional media outlets.

Don’t worry if this Instagram hack feels strange at first; like the others I’ve included here, it’s something you’ll want to incorporate into your strategy over time. Discovering the Instagram voice for your brand will help you become a better writer.

6. Jump headfirst into influencer marketing.

Turn on post notifications by going to the profiles of everyone you’ve determined to be an influencer in your space (i.e., someone who influences the people you want to get in front of). You’ll have a better chance of becoming one of their favourite people or brands if you keep in regular contact with them.

7.In order to maintain a positive online image, it is recommended that you delete any photos of yourself that have been tagged in inappropriate places.

You can choose to highlight only the best user-generated content on your Instagram profile. Selecting “Edit Tags,” then “Hide from Profile” on the tagged photos you no longer wish to display cannot delete them from the site (you may need to confirm). It serves its purpose.

8.To prevent unwanted content from being displayed on your profile, you must first approve tagged photos.

You can change your Instagram settings so that photos that have been tagged in you won’t appear on your profile until you approve them. These settings can be accessed by clicking “Options,” “Photos of You,” and “Add Manually.”

I can’t think of any company that wouldn’t want to do this. Nope. I have absolutely zero. You should definitely do this so that no embarrassing moments occur.

9. Create your own Instagram identity

Although it’s human nature to seek acceptance, Instagram is not the place to blend in. The visual content style developed by the Indian beverage company Frooti is so distinct that it is immediately identifiable whenever a user encounters a Frooti post in their newsfeed. Look at this: