If You Want To Increase Your Instagram Following In 2023

Instagram went from being a basic photo-sharing app to one of the most popular ways for brands and influencers to reach a wide audience and monetize their efforts.

Today, getting Instagram followers is a primary objective for every company or individual setting up a profile on the service.

But how can you increase your Instagram following and stand out from the crowd?

Here are 30 tested strategies that, if followed, will increase your Instagram following and visibility and help you succeed there.

1. Specialise

Keep in mind that focusing on a narrow market makes you more unique.

It’s a great way to strengthen bonds with others and get new Instagram followers.

Instagram is a thrilling service since it constantly challenges you to improve.

But here’s the catch: when your adrenaline rises from creating fresh material and gaining more followers, likes, and comments, you may become sidetracked from your intended actions.

Avoid this by clearly defining your account’s goals and sticking to them.

2. For instance,

If social media marketers are your ideal clients as an Instagram coach, then focus solely on this subset of the industry.

3. Make a Content Schedule

Here’s the deal: it does no good to upload random material.

Instagram is a platform where quantity is prioritised above quality. What really matters is that you regularly provide information that others can use. And a social media content calendar can help you plan and organise your postings in advance. Some things to bear in mind are as follows. Focus on serving your intended audience.
Examine data that you believe will have an effect on them and be worth their attention.
As such, weekly material batches are recommended.

You may put your faith in us; this method is guaranteed to increase your organic Instagram followers.

4. Craft a Perfect Instagram Bio

In social media, your bio acts as your CV. A compelling bio may seal the deal and win over new Instagram followers. Include a good photo in your profile. You’re free to use your imagination. Consider how you can give the finest impression of your business on Instagram. Let it be something that will live on in infamy.

Choosing a well-optimized profile photo that goes well with your account name and bio is the best method to get new followers on Instagram.

5. Reel It In Big Time!

In 2023, reels will be ubiquitous.

They’re the foolproof method to gain a massive following on Instagram and become famous.

Without a doubt, this newest Instagram feature has blown up the app, with users and companies regularly sharing entertaining, eye-catching, and informative material.

6. Make Instagram Followers Swoon With Carousels

Want to discover a little-known growth tip that only the most savvy social media professionals use? Dwell time refers to the average amount of time a person spends engaged with your content.

Indeed, it is the intended purpose of carousels.

These 10-page slides encourage a user to engage with your post for an extended period of time, which signals to Instagram’s algorithm that it should regularly promote your account in the Explore area of prospective followers.

7. Practise Making Original Captions

Instagram is a fantastic medium for artistic expression.

There is no restriction on how you may present your company.

    To get the most out of it, try both short and lengthy captions.

    Create intriguing copy that compels readers to click through to your profile. They’ll give the blue ‘follow’ button a try eventually.

    8. Use Hashtags as Playthings

    Using specific hashtags increases the likelihood that people interested in your content will check out your profile and follow you.

      Not sure how to use hashtags to get Instagram followers?

      Prepare two lots and spend a month trying out different variations. Then, using the ‘Insights’ tab, determine which hashtags are performing the best, and use that group as a starting point for future posts.

      9.Make a Hashtag Unique to You

      Exclusivity is epitomised by a unique hashtag.

      It facilitates the speedy finding of your account by users. Thus, maintain a sense of wit and familiarity. Make sure you’re constantly noticeable.

        Not so fast! In addition,

        Branded hashtags may be promoted across several channels, including online and offline businesses and advertising campaigns, to make a lasting impression on current and future customers.

        10. Plan Ahead to Publish

        Have you heard that there are optimal times to post on Instagram for maximum exposure?

        The best time to post on Instagram to maximise engagement is when your audience is most likely to be online.

        Remember that the time of day might be very exact, such as 7:00 PM on Saturdays or 4:30 PM on Tuesdays.

        But that shouldn’t stop you from expanding your Instagram following!

        Tools like SocialPilot make it easy to schedule and publish to Instagram at the best times for your account, helping you to promote your business.