Make A Marketing Plan For Instagram In 2022 (Free Template)

It’s undeniable that a top-notch media kit is required for gaining the attention of hip businesses interested in collaborating with you. Why? You should use your media kit as your primary tool for making a good impression by showcasing your accomplishments and the results of your work.

You can distinguish yourself from the crowd and show brands that you take your Instagram career seriously by paying attention to detail and putting together a polished profile.

This manual is loaded with information that will help you immensely. We’ve done the groundwork for you so you can focus on putting together a stellar Instagram media kit that will help you land brand partnerships.

A media kit for Instagram.

A media kit serves the same purpose as a resume when seeking employment in the Instagram community. Brands can use this document to learn more about you as an influencer and the impact you’ve had on Instagram.

If Instagrammers don’t need a media kit, why do they make them?

In order to get involved with a brand, you need a media kit, and that’s the bare minimum. You can’t pitch yourself for a brand partnership or look for a brand collaboration if you don’t have a media kit. The more professional you appear, the more likely brands are to want to work with you. Consider it a chance to exhibit your skills. It’s essential for making a good impression on potential employers or clients.

Create an Instagram marketing toolkit.

Now that you understand the importance of a media kit and what should go into it, it is time to start putting one together. There are many possible approaches.

1. (Recommended)

Using the Mysocial app, it’s simple to put together a press kit that includes daily updates of your Instagram analytics. It is well-established that a well-designed media kit increases interest from brands and the likelihood of securing a lucrative sponsorship or endorsement deal.

How to Put Together an Instagram Media Kit in 6 Easy Steps

  • Get the Mysocial app for your iPhone or Android device.
  • Join your Instagram account together.
  • Send a media kit to prospective advertisers.‍

If you want to impress your brand partners with up-to-date information, use Mysocial to have your YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok data updated every day.

2. Canva

Making multiple iterations of a media kit is a breeze in Canva. There are a variety of ways to present your brand’s information in a media kit, each of which can make use of your company’s colours and fonts. You can put them in order and make them simple to find. Canva can be used on a computer, but it also has a mobile app.

When putting together your Instagram media kit, what should you include?

All of your Instagram followers added up.

  • How many people, on average, view each of your Instagram posts (based on the last 10 posts)
  • How many views do you get on average for each Instagram story you post? (based on the last 10 stories)
  • How many people on average engage with each post you make
  • Your Viewers audience age range
  • The sex makeup of your target demographic
  • Where your viewers are located geographically
  • The specific topic you’re writing about, such as style, beauty, gaming, fitness, etc.
  • You should have a brief biography that explains who you are and why your audience should care about you.
  • If you’ve worked with other brands on Instagram before, that’s a plus. Make sure they stand out in your MediaKit.
  • Specifics on how to reach you.

Make sure you have all the necessary pieces before beginning work on your Instagram media kit.

Make sure you have a clear sense of who you are before you start putting together your Instagram media kit. Furthermore, the single most crucial piece of guidance we can give you is to remain true to who you are and what you believe in. Companies that are interested only in paying well or showing off their shiny product should not be promoted or worked with. Instead, opt for brands that reflect your values.