Everything You Need To Know: Instagram Reels For Your Business

Almost every company nowadays can be found on Instagram. To keep up with the latest Instagram happenings, many people utilise IGTV, Stories, Posts, etc. Okay, but what about Reels?

Can companies create an impact on one of the most popular social networks by using Instagram Reels in the same way they utilise other Insta video forms?
Let’s start by getting a firmer grasp on Instagram Reels.

Instagram reels: what are they?

Let’s check the platform’s definition of Reels before we get started. According to Instagram, “Reels” are “Well, that should suffice what they are.”

In case you’ve watched a video on TikTok, think of Reels as a powerful competitor that’s been winning crowds.

You may use reels to capture and edit multi-clip films that are 15-30 seconds in length. You may add your own personal touch to the videos by adding music, text, and other effects. Reels offer a new perspective inside the larger Instagram environment.

Users may make short, engaging movies to share with others for fun or learning purposes. The idea is to be distinctive in order to stand out. But what sets Reels apart from Stories? Hmm, let’s find out.

When comparing Instagram Stories to Instagram Reels, what are the key differences?

There may be some confusion between Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories. There are a few key distinctions between the two, despite their apparent similarity:

Instagram Reels is a video-only sharing app. Stories, however, allows you to upload both photos and videos.

Instagram Reels allows for a lengthy description, whereas Instagram Stories just allows for a brief one.

Hashtags: Instagram allows up to 30 in a Reel and 10 in a Story.

Reels will remain on a special Reels page on your profile and won’t disappear after 24 hours, in contrast to Instagram Stories.

Users may interact with your content by leaving public comments on your Reels, much as on your Instagram Feed. Instagram Stories, on the other hand, limit interaction to private messages between users.

Instagram Reels may be posted anywhere on your profile, including the main feed, Explore (if you have a public account), and the Reels tab. Instagram Stories is another option for sharing Reels, but keep in mind that they won’t be accessible after 24 hours.

Instagram Reels allow you to edit your videos in a number of ways, including adding augmented reality (AR) effects, adjusting the pace at which they play, aligning or stitching films for smoother cuts, and adding a watermark. When you upload your Reels, you have the option of include your own original audio, which will be credited to you and used by other users in their own Reels.

Do Instagram reels serve any purpose for businesses?

Naturally, they do.

To begin, Instagram has a sizable “active” audience that can be quickly and easily reached using Reels. You may reach a wider audience than just those who follow you in your Feed by posting your Reels on the Explore tab.

Two, you may be as resourceful and astute as you like with the stuff you use in Reels. Experimenting with the robust Instagram Reels features and amplifying your messaging with short, entertaining videos makes going viral a breeze.

7 Business Applications of Instagram Reels

Curious about “how to use Reels on Instagram?”

Here are 15 suggestions for using Instagram Reels to boost sales with customer-focused video content:

First and foremost: Be motivating

We all need a little motivation now and then, and Insta is no different. If there’s one thing you learn about the service, it’s that the vast majority of account followers do so in search of motivation. Instagram users follow brands and influencers because they want to improve some aspect of their lives, be it health, money, business, job, or relationships.

Exhibit and explain

You should advertise the company you own. Promote your wares by letting everyone know about them. And no, it need not be a physical good. In addition to product demonstrations, you might also provide a sneak peek at your services.

Tara Wilkinson, owner of Lovlie Cakes, frequently posts reels featuring her delectable pastries.

Inform your audience

Instagram Reels evokes feelings of participation. Moreover, it’s hard to imagine a more effective method of increasing participation than disseminating useful information. Advice, instructions, and guides are all great ways to gain a larger Instagram following.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is a fantastic example of a company that using Instagram Reels to inform and engage with its target demographic.

Take pride in your hometown

To grow, we need the support of others. And showing this affection through Instagram Reels is a great method to attract new followers. Involve the people in your Reels’ communities, promote other businesses or customers, and tell your followers what they like best about your products and services. Nothing can compare to the genuineness of it.

Give them a sneak peek at the process

Show your viewers how your Reels were made. It’s the wand you can wave around to make everyone happier. You may boost your reputation and increase your social media following by posting behind-the-scenes material on Instagram, such as a look at a typical workday for your employees or a video documenting the development of a particularly impressive product or service.

Inform Everyone of Something

A lot of people are interested in the latest breaking news. Share the news through your Instagram Reels, whether it’s a brand-new launch, an exclusive bargain going live soon, or a prestigious prize that your business has bagged, and you’ll finish up with a lot of new viewers.

Never stop having fun

Including lighthearted material in your Reels at regular intervals is a great approach to keep things interesting. While seriousness has its place, so does the occasional lighthearted moment that serves to strengthen the bond between you and your audience. You may fill your Insta Reels calendar with humorous and entertaining stuff like before and after videos or bloopers.