How to ask for feedback on social media and how to use the feedback you receive?

Want to increase the number of positive comments made about your company online? Perfect! Because positive feedback acts as a recommendation for your company. You may increase the credibility of your business and your online word-of-mouth marketing by encouraging customers to provide reviews. Here are few steps that will lead to more reviews for your business.

Instructions on How to Get More Positive Feedback on Social Media

When compared to Yelp and other online review systems, the nice thing about social media is that you have more administrative control over the gathered reviews to remove, approve, or reply appropriately. You can modify your settings such that all comments and reviews must be approved by you before they are made public. When it comes to negative or spam comments, many small business owners find themselves at the mercy of Yelp’s lack of control over review content. Here are some broad strategies that may be used across all forms of social media to get reviews:

Inquire about the Social Media Ratings

Gather social proof by striking up private conversations with new and existing customers. Get in touch with your supporters by email or direct message. A statement like “tell us what you think about our product or service by leaving a review” may work. Put up a sign in your retail space or other brand touchpoints encouraging customers to rate and review your business. It is important to specify which review platforms you are seeking when requesting for reviews.

Give out rewards for positive comments on social media

To what extent are speedy evaluations desired? Then perhaps rewards are just what you need. Entice your target audience to write reviews by giving out enticing prizes. It might be something little like a free meal or drink, or it could be something you give away in exchange for a service. You should use caution when giving incentives, as certain websites (including Google and Yelp) prohibit the exchange of anything of value for a positive review.

Be sure to advertise your positive feedback on social media

Boosted posts, sponsored advertisements, influencer marketing, and co-branding possibilities are all easy and efficient ways to draw attention to your current positive ratings. Promote your reviews on social media by making engaging images, videos, or other types of content. You may encourage people to post reviews by saying something like, “See what our audience thinks of us so far, and tell us what you think by leaving a review.”

Promote Social Media Feedback Contests

Instead of individually asking for evaluations, you may speed up the process by holding a contest on social media. Weekly fan competitions, such as “whoever leaves the greatest review will win a reward,” are a great way to keep your audience engaged and excited about your content. As an alternative, you may offer weekly prompts like “submit a featured fan review of the week.”

Utilize Calls To Action To Embedding Reviews

Your social evaluations can be embedded on your site as well. In order to provide an extra degree of trustworthiness, these testimonials must come from actual people who maintain active social media presence. Have a call to action like “review us on social media” or your social media profiles’ links.

Remember to be grateful for

Manage your schedule wisely so that you can show gratitude whenever you receive social media feedback. It might be as brief as “we appreciate the review and hope to have you as a listener again soon.” Your connection with your readers will become stronger in this way. They may also be able to evaluate you on other sites or at a later date. Having an in-house social media customer support rep means you can reply to feedback quickly. More sophisticated social media bots that can respond automatically to social media posts will be possible to create in the future.

Advice Unique to Each System

If you want more reviews, try these platform-specific strategies:

Facebook-specific For a larger audience, consider conducting Facebook live evaluations. Verify that your Facebook profile may be “reviewed” by turning on the appropriate setting. To enable reviews, go to page settings, then tabs and layouts.

Advice from YouTube experts: if you really want to wow potential customers with your evaluations, consider filming some client testimonials and uploading them to the site. If you want to make an impact with your videos, here is how you do it. Let’s have a look at the YouTube video of our satisfied customers giving us feedback.

Tips unique to Instagram Instagram has a massive user base, and you may recycle all of your reviews there to expose your business to their billion users.

Specifically for LinkedIn, here are some pointers: LinkedIn is where you want to be to receive professional recommendations. If you want additional endorsements, use LinkedIn’s recommendations tool. In order to boost your profile, request recommendations from clients, coworkers, friends, family, and contacts. For maximum profile views, prioritise which suggestions appear first.

Concluding Remarks

The use of social media review management software allows for the efficient collection and administration of hundreds of reviews with no additional staff members being required. However, social media reputation management is the best option if you want to achieve tangible results from social media reviews. Because it involves keeping tabs on and responding to customer feedback in order to shape how your brand is received.