An Ultimate Guide: How To Use TikTok For Business?

The popularity of TikTok has skyrocketed.

A mere few years after its inception, the video-sharing website has rocketed to prominence among the world’s most widely used social networking platforms. It’s fastest-growing social media network ever, and it just hit a billion users throughout the world. 

Not sure if TikTok marketing is right for your brand? Everything a social media management company needs to know about the social media platform and the advertising possibilities it gives is outlined here.

Overview of TikTok for Businesses

TikTok is an app available for iOS and Android that allows its users to create and share short films (that last up to 15 seconds). The essence of Tik Tok can be summed up in a one phrase: self-expression. This creativity is typically expressed through a brief dance performance, lip sync, or comedic skit.

If you’re familiar with Vine, the concept behind TikTok should be familiar as well. Create a small video that loops indefinitely. The app also borrowed some of Snapchat’s most popular features, including the ability to add:

Intensity of Augmented Reality Filtering

Background tunes
The goal of TikTok is to “collect and present the world’s creativity, wisdom, and valuable life moments, directly from the mobile phone,” as stated in the company’s mission statement. TikTok gives its users the tools to become content creators, and it inspires them to show the world what they’re passionate about and what they can do creatively through video.

Market Research on TikTok Brands

A numerical analysis reveals several interesting trends:

A closer look at the numbers reveals a pronounced youth bulge. The majority of its users (62%) are in the 10-29 age range. TikTok has over 90 million daily users, and research shows that the vast majority of those users access the app numerous times per day. 4
TikTok users in the United States spent an average of more than 60 minutes per day on the app and opened it 13 times per day.
Three twenty-one percent of consumers talk about brands and products online. Almost a quarter of people who see influencer posts share them. 5
This, however, isn’t some kind of parody dance or lip sync channel. Okay, then. And it has the potential to be much more than that for firms who are innovative and daring. Simply put, marketers should pay attention to TikTok because it provides an experience that customers seek and keep coming back for.

Brands, celebrities, and marketers have wasted little time or money capitalising on the platform’s features, despite the fact that its users tend to be younger than those of other social media sites. For some, it was the key to finally connecting with Gen Z, a group that has proven resistant to more conventional forms of advertising.

TikTok for Organizations

TikTok introduced TikTok for Companies in June of 2020.

6 Brands can now congregate in one central location on this innovative platform. It offers a number of suggestions for drawing in more readers and expanding your following.

TikTok has a lot of potential that can be used by businesses in multiple different ways right now. Nevertheless, only one of these is now available.

Develop Your Own Media

Excluding the time and effort spent editing and selecting appropriate social media image sizes and other resources spent generating the assets, creating an account and posting content does not cost anything. It’s all possible with just a mobile phone.

Yet, becoming viral isn’t a foolproof strategy for increasing exposure; it requires hard work, originality, and a little bit of luck.

Taking Over Advertising From Other Brands

Brand takeover commercials are full-screen videos that play as soon as a user launches an app and typically last between three and five seconds. Consider the ads that you can’t skip on YouTube. The advertisement appears in the “For You” feed and can feature a clickable website link or hashtag.

Ads on TopView

When a person loads their TikTok stream, this advertisement will play before any other videos. These are 60-second videos designed to reach your demographic. A brand’s partnership with a TikTok influencer can help the promotion come off as more of a casual mention of the product than an overt paid endorsement.

Videos that Play Right Within the Feed

Posts ranging from 5 to 15 seconds in length will appear in users’ news feeds. In-feed video advertisements come in two varieties:

Maximum of one day Each user’s stream will always have these as the fourth video. This means that the most effective advertisements are those that are virtually undetectable next to their context.
Taking the #Challenge
For businesses, this was the pioneering effort in advertising. Advertisers can use TikTok to accomplish challenges or create dances to promote their brands by attaching them to a hashtag. This hashtag is a challenge to all site visitors to come up with their own interpretation and share it with the world over the following six days.

Iconic Impact of Branding

Like Instagram filters, branded effects are 2D animated filters that may be activated by the user’s hand or face motion. During the first thirty days following debut, the branded effects will be featured on the effects panel’s primary page.

Influencers (TBD)

One of the best and most organic methods to utilise your content is through paying influencers to promote your company. They have built up an audience who enjoys their videos and values their insight. Particularly open to brand recommendations from those under the age of thirty are the younger demographics.

Sign Up for TikTok

TikTok brands know that the world of traditional advertising is dated. If you’re trying to connect with people under the age of 30, there are fresher, more original strategies you can use.

You should capitalise on the app’s rising popularity while you still can. If you’re a small business with a tight budget, but you still want to connect with your clients, you should at least make a profile and post consistently.