Advertising Through Chatting Apps

Promoting Products With Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

You’re no doubt making use of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Instagram to propel company communications, but have you considered utilising WhatsApp marketing to spread the word? WhatsApp’s massive user base of over 1.5 billion people across the world makes it a promising platform for advertisers. Nonetheless, many of us are reluctant to utilise dark social platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger for fear of 1) entering uncharted terrain and 2) being subject to less rigorous metrication than more established forms of social media. As dark social is still mostly unexplored, there is less competition for sponsored content to stand out in this environment.

Dark social isn’t as dangerous as it sounds; in fact, it may do wonders for your brand’s exposure. In all likelihood, someone has posted your article on a hidden social network. RadiumOne claims that 84% of social sharing occurs on anonymous networks.

Instead of having people talk about you without including you in the conversation, try exploring tactics like WhatsApp marketing. We can learn a lot from the years of experience that South East Asian businesses have had with marketing on WeChat, a platform quite similar to WhatsApp and Messenger. Also, given the dismal organic reach on established social media sites, we need to start being creative and exploring alternative strategies for reaching our target demographic.

Tips for Marketing with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s Bot for Messenger:

The Messenger app will launch immediately whenever someone visits your Facebook profile. A powerful tool for improving the customer experience, the bot allows users to initiate conversations with the service.

Sephora’s chatbot on Facebook Messenger offers beauty advice and product evaluations to interested clients. This is a fantastic illustration of enhancing the client experience. CNN takes a unique approach to the medium by serving up news on the issues that matter most to its audience. Instead, Adidas has an app feature that lets you schedule workout courses ahead of time.

Advertising on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to Improve Client Interactions

Social networking has become a popular alternative to traditional channels of customer care such as phone calls and emails. The communication you have with a consumer over a service like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger is less likely to be viewed by the general public. Nevertheless, messaging applications can function like a website’s chatbox would.

WhatsApp just released an API for companies, so now customers can start conversations with enterprises. The API may also be used to deliver transactional messages like shipment status updates and ticket notifications. Today’s consumers are impatient and need constant feedback, which is why instant messaging services have become so popular.

Disseminating information using WhatsApp distribution lists

Several companies use WhatsApp to disseminate company-related news and blog posts to their customers. Like a newsletter or social media post, we may use this information to spread the word. We can increase the likelihood that our message will stick by spreading it across many platforms.

Here’s the lowdown on WhatsApp’s Broadcast Lists and how to make one:

All you have to do is fire up WhatsApp. To start a new broadcast, select “Chats” from the main screen’s menu. Choose people to send to by tapping + or typing their names. After you’re finished, press the button. Choose the New button.

Keep in mind that there is a 256-person cap on the size of any one broadcast list. Even so, it is possible to contact numerous broadcast lists at once. Whatsapp isn’t the right platform to use for sending out mass “spray and pray” messages. Instead, you should establish targeted broadcast lists to make sure your messages are reaching the right people. It’s also important to remember that you can’t send out broadcasts to anyone who hasn’t authorised receiving them. So, you should subscribe to Whatsapp broadcasts the same way you would a newsletter.

WhatsApp Groups

As marketers, many of us are familiar with Facebook and LinkedIn groups, but what about starting a Whatsapp group? Instead than trying to sell your product directly to customers, focus on bringing together people who can help each other.

While there may be up to 256 people in a single WhatsApp group, it’s important to choose the group’s membership carefully. We might, for instance, form a WhatsApp group for blockchain-related social media marketers. The community might then share answers and information.

Campaign WhatsApp marketing

Whatsapp and Messenger might also be used for the actual campaigns themselves. Although Whatsapp marketing is still in its infancy, it has already seen some notable successes.

Absolut, for instance, ran a brilliant PR campaign in which customers interacted with a fictitious bouncer in order to get entry to a party Absolut was throwing.